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Crimson Streets #4: ‘In the Newspaper’ and Other Tales, paperback anthology now available. Features ‘Polar Peril’ and other exciting pulp fiction!

Polar Peril – Action, adventure and terror at the bottom of the world at the pulp-tastic Crimson Streets website!

The Wrong House – Halloween flash fiction in the 2015 Halloween issue of Havok magazine. Available in print and digital editions.

The Elegant Curve of Its Neck – Flash fiction at

I Am Not Dying In A Nightmare – Dreams and Psychosis in the Works of Thomas Ligotti – A paper I wrote for a graduate English course a few years back that fans of Ligotti may find interesting.

2 thoughts on “Stories & Writing

  1. arthurstaaz

    You introduced me to some new insights and new names in connection with the psychoanalytic approach to dreams, psychosis, and the uncanny. Thanks! The whole concept of a “psychotic core” to human consciousness is really intriguing and full of horror potential. To paraphrase the Ash Wednesday blessing, “Remember that thou art psychotic and unto psychosis thous shalt return.”

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    1. dwbehrend Post author

      arthurstaaz, thank you for your comment. Eigen’s Psychotic Core is a fascinating book, if a bit technical/clinical in places. It contains several harrowing and compelling case studies of deeply psychotic individuals. It’s a compelling read for anyone interested in the dark, disturbing depths of the human mind.



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